Welcome to MASS Egypt Lubricants
MASS Egypt Lubricants provides advanced products for industrial and consumption applications. Worldwide, our Masspro brand is marked for a legacy of technological innovation, performance, and reliability. Our mission is to provide our customers with highly efficient grease, aiming to protect their equipments and the surrounding environment.
The uniqueness of MASS Egypt production lines conveys the commitment to provide our customers with high quality products for their industrial applications. Hence, our products exceed by far the lubrication requirements; to meet the needs of all major industries.
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We will be in Hanover exhibition 2011
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The customers represent the core of MASS Egypt whereby, our vision and values highlight a sincere desire to way exceed their expectations. Our company is dedicated to improve the products' performance by applying the latest scientific knowledge of industrial protection and lubrication aiming to globally bring unmatched value, reliability and innovation.
MASS Egypt team is mandated to perform in accordance with the highest international standards.
From the exceptionally well-trained manufacturing Chemists, reaching up to the skilled sales force professionals, all adopt esteemed values of integrity, reliability, honesty and quality, in each and everything they do.
Products Range
MASS Egypt's production lines exceed Lubrications, reaching up to all requirements designed for all major industries; while they are manufactured in accordance with the EN & BS international standards thus matching our customers' technical specifications requirements of protection products, commonly known as Greases utilized for corrosion protection of Bare Overhead Line Conductors, mainly made of Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, Steel Wires or a combination of these Wires.